The government proposed to invest 885 Billion Rupees (~$ 12.4 billion) to develop power plants for emission reduction equipment and to develop infrastructure for manufacturing of electric vehicles (EV).

An official statement issued on Friday said that during the five-year period of 2025, the amount of 835 billion rupees would be used to reduce the sulfur emissions from power plants. The remaining amount will be used in 70 cities to develop EV infrastructure. Another proposal has been submitted before the Power Ministry, which has been introduced to the Finance Commission, in which provision for emission reduction equipment has been put on the shoulders of consumers.

Private companies such as Reliance Power and Adani Power and the NTPC representative industry organization Association of Power Producers have been seeking incentives for the last two years. This move from the government of India gives a strong indicator that it’s very serious in tackling climate change and reducing the country’s carbon footprint. This is another positive news which add more fuel to BBC’s recent report on China and India helping make planet leafier.