About Us

The Mirk brings something new and fresh in the sector dominated by family-owned, corporate-funded news websites. Our site is completely self-funded and we deliver news without the fluff. We believe, for a democratic country like India, news shouldn’t be picked and chosen based on political inclination.

At The Mirk, our writers are given complete control on what to cover as long as they report facts with strong sources. Our writers are never pressurized to take down a report nor are they shunned to cover a topic.

Our Writers:

Arun Deshmukh: MA. Pol Sci. Editor for Politics section. Full-time Journalist and a strong passion for writing. Hates pineapple on his Pizza. His interests are inclined towards election news coverage and fact-checking. Contact him: [email protected]

Krishna Nair: Krishna is The Mirk’s sports writer. He is a true sports Junkie. You wouldn’t spend an hour with him without him mentioning sports at some point. His passion lies in writing about cricket and other sports. He played state level Cricket in the past. Contact him: [email protected]

Lalit Solanki: Lalit is a full-time journalist at The Mirk. He has majored in Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. He has 4 years of experience in news reporting and writing. He likes to go on long cycling rides every once in a while. Contact him: [email protected]

Naina Sharma: A graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication, Naina is the senior editor for politics and breaking news related to India. She believes news in the digital age can be delivered by putting forward pure facts without the fluff. Contact her: [email protected]

Nitin Das: Nitin is your usual Comp Engg grad with a strong passion for delivering Tech news. He is the first one to get his hands on new tech toys and can’t wait to review them. Nitin writes our Tech section.. duh. Contact him: [email protected]

Shruti Patel: Shruti has a background in Financial Markets and holds a degree in the same. She writes financial and sometimes tech news at The Mirk. She has been researching and writing about finance for half a decade by now. Contact her: [email protected]