Airtel has announced bonus data up to 1000 GB for its broadband users. These bonuses will be available to all it’s customers regardless of which coverage circle they belong to. In order to get bonus data, it is necessary for customers to get a monthly subscription of ₹799 or more. Reliance Jio will soon launch its broadband service Gigafiber. It is believed that Airtel has offered this offer to compete with it. Previously, Jio took Airtel by surprise completely changing the voice and data prices when it launched. This time, Airtel seems to be well prepared, preemptively offering massive discounts and benefits to it’s customers so they remain loyal.

The ₹799 plan will get you a bonus data of 500 GB with the plan. Generally, in this plan, customers get 100 GB of data with 40Mbps speed. Additionally, customers with a monthly plan of ₹999 will be given 1000 GB bonus data. Previously, customers of this plan used to get 250 GB data with 100 Mbps speed.

If that wasn’t enough to sway off the competition, the company has also added benefits to the ₹1,299 and ₹1,999 plans. In the ₹1,999 plan, customers now get unlimited data. Additionally, the subscribers of ₹999, ₹1,299 and ₹1,999 plans now get a free subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime. The customers also have the option to rollover their remaining data for the next month.=

Also, discounts are also being offered on long-term plans from the company. Subscribing to a 6-month plan, customers are getting a discount of up to 15% while 20% on the 1-year plan. However, these discounts are only for customers in Delhi.