Russian weaponry is a common staple in the Indian Army.

The Indian Army has been targeting terror launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir during ceasefire violations along the LOC, stated army officials. They claim to have crippled launch pads located in Nikial, Rakhchakri, Kotli and Bhimber in PoK over the past few days. Even Pakistan Army facilities that are involved in supporting terrorists have been hit, they said.

These measures were taken due to fears that Pakistan might use Border Action Teams (BAT) to launch raids on the Indian Army. BAT is usually a combination of members of Pakistan army and terrorist. 

Indian intelligence assessments have noticed a large deployment by the Pakistan army in the forward areas. This includes armored and artillery units.
This comes a couple of days after Indian Air Force scrambled its Mirage 2000 and Sukhoi Su-30 jets to tackle a formation of Pakistan Air Force’s four F-16 jets close to the international border near Punjab. It is unclear whether the Pakistani fighter jets were trying to invade the Indian airspace. The planes from the Indian side were scrambled as soon as aerial activity was detected on radars.

There have been a series of incidents of Pakistani drones coming close to the Indo-Pak border in various areas in the last four weeks following the Balakot air strikes.