London’s Westminster Court has issued a warrant for arrest against Nirav Modi. Nirav Modi may be arrested anytime.

There has been a crackdown on the unsuspecting fugitive Nirav Modi in London. The UK court has issued an arrest warrant against Nirav Modi and now any time the London Police can apprehend him. In fact, the absconding Nirav Modi, who has fleed looting more than 13 thousand crores from banks, was seen roaming in the streets of London a few weeks ago. A Red corner notice has been issued against him. After which the UK’s Westminster Court took the matter seriously and issued an arrest warrant.

According to sources, a team of CBI and ED from India will now be leaving for London. Meanwhile, the team is constantly in touch with the UK High Commission and the Indian High Commission in London.

After the spotting of Modi on the streets of London, the Indian Foreign Ministry had also issued a statement. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that we are taking action for the extradition of Nirav Modi.

The MEA spokesperson added, even if he appeared publicly in London that does not mean that we will bring him to India immediately. There is a process for this, which we are doing.  We have requested extradition on the basis of the information received from the ED and the CBI, the reply is still pending from the UK.

Opposition parties have consistently been accusing the central government and PM Modi about Nirav Modi. They say that due to the government’s failure, Nirav Modi succeeded in escaping to London. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said many times, that the government will take strict action against such perpetrators.