The current condition of Australian cricket is not a surprise to anyone following Cricket. The Aussies have been facing consistent defeat and morale seems to be in an all-time low. These days, the Australian team, which is on Indian tour, currently trailing India 2-0 in the ODI series. The Australia team is not among the favourites to win the upcoming World Cup, but former Australian spinner Shane Warne has made a bold prediction.

Shane Warne said that Steve Smith and David Warner have not been playing international cricket for a long time due to the ban and as soon as they return the team’s appetite towards winning will increase. Australia’s team can win the World Cup because of their return. Warne said that there is no doubt that after the return, both of them will do their best to give their best and they will take advantage of the break they got. He said that when you are forced to take a break as he did, it means that you get completely reenergized.

Speaking of breaks Warne was also found guilty of consuming restricted drugs in 2003 and was banned for one year as well. There was a notion after his ban that he would not be able to come back but he did a fantastic return and did a great job for the Australian team.

Speaking about Smith and Warner, Shane said that when you go on a break and then come back, your brain gets refreshed and your appetite for victory increases. You feel how important cricket is to you. That’s why Australia can win the World Cup because both will return and be hungry to win. Yes, in the initial few matches, they will definitely be nervous but it would be good for them. 

It is worth mentioning that Smith and Warner after being convicted in the ball tampering case, the one-year ban, is ending this month. The return was scheduled for this month, but due to surgeries, it has been pushed further. Now it is expected that both players will be included in the Australian team for the World Cup.