BJP leader LK Advani who has been holding his tongue for a while now came to the defence of his party via a blog post.

In a post titled “Nation first, party second, self last”, he asserted that his party had never regarded those who disagree with the party ideology as “anti-national”.
PM Modi praised the veteran leader who was one of the founders of BJP. The PM said LK Advani had summed up the essence of the BJP and even retweet the post. According to, #LKAdvani was top 3 most trending in the country.

Even Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, welcomed BJP veteran LK Advani’s blog on Thursday and said opposition parties who raise their voices are indeed not “anti-national”.

“As the senior most politician, former Deputy Prime Minister and founding father of BJP, the views Advaniji has expressed about extending democratic courtesies, is significant. Of course all Opposition who raise their voices are not anti national. We welcome his statement and convey our humble regards,” Mamata Banerjee said in a tweet.

LK Advani, benched by the ruling BJP ahead of the General elections of 2019, held the Gandhinagar seat for 6 terms since 1991. The 91 year old was asked to step aside so that BJP president could contest the seat this year. The blog post is his first public address after he got the subtle nudge out of the door. It is safe to assume he was upset by the situation, however it is refreshing to see such an idealistic writeup become popular among to younger generations. The blog comes ahead of BJP’s foundation day which is on the 6th of April.