Gully Boy, the highly anticipated upcoming movie starring Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin and Ranveer Singh ran into ‘Sanskari’ issues with the Central Board of Film Certification just before its release on Thursday.

The CBFC has asked for the kissing scene between Ranveer and Alia to be cut by 13 seconds and the removal of a close up shot of the scene as reported by Hindustan Times.

CBFC also removed the alcohol brand Royal Stag’s name as the film’s brand partner while beeping out cuss words, reported India Today.

The film fraternity along with movie buffs hoped for a less controversial CBFC after the exit of the ex-chief Pahlaj Nihalani but alas, this step indicates the ‘sanskaar’ levels of the CBFC going even higher.

It is also quite possibilly the first time that the name of a brand partner got removed from the film because of CBFC’s intervention, says Hindustan Times.

This step by the CBFC also showcases the growing restrictions being imposed by various government bodies on our freedoms whether they be creative or otherwise in a bid to protect our ‘culture’.

Another example of such ‘cultural preservation’ was seen with the Tamil Nadu government looking to ban TikTok, a popular mobile app used to sometimes make fun of politicians.

Moves like these paint a broader narrative of our reduced freedom of expression and the sense of fear present among people for moral policing by various right wing groups, primarily focused on Hindutva.

This has also largely gone unchecked and unpunished by the ruling BJP government.

Despite the setbacks, Gully Boy remains one of the most-awaited Bollywood movies of the year with people eager to see the underground rapping scene of Mumbai.

Note: This article provides facts with the writer’s opinions.