Copenhagen will host the “Grand Start” of the Tour de France in 2021. It will be the northernmost start in the history of the event. “In Copenhagen, there are more bicycles than people.” “It is the story of a meeting between the world’s largest cycling race and the world’s most cycling-friendly city,” Christian Prudhomme, the Tour’s director, told Europe 1. He goes on to explain that they want to establish a link between the daily bicycle and the bicycle of champions.

A big cycling fan, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen attended the tour twice, Christian Prudhomme recalls. During his state visit to Denmark last August, Emmanuel Macron cycled through the streets of Copenhagen with Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Christian Prudhomme, who were part of the presidential delegation.

To those who would be tempted to criticize a new “Great Start” from abroad, Christian Prudhomme replies that it is nothing new, the first departure from abroad was in 1954 in Amsterdam. This year, the Tour will start from Brussels. In the past, “Large departures” have taken place in Switzerland, Germany and Great Britain.