Facebook & Instagram faced massive outage yesterday. Users from many countries of the world complained about Facebook and Instagram being down for more than an hour.

Many users had trouble accessing Gmail and Google Drive first, later users had trouble accessing Facebook-owned social media platforms Facebook, Facebook Messanger and Instagram. However, Facebook has made it clear that the problem was not because of any hacking attempts. This problem arose due to technical difficulties in the service.

Facebook’s support on Twitter later confirmed that this wasn’t due to any DDOS attacks, but refused to comment on the actual reason of downtime.

The problem has surfaced worldwide on all platforms owned by Facebook, i.e., users across the world have had difficulty accessing these platforms. The most affected users of all three of these apps or platforms were from the United States (US) and Europe users. Apart from this, some countries in South Africa and India have also experienced this problem.

A few people also faced problems accessing the instant messaging app Whatsapp, which is also owned by Facebook. After the problems on Facebook, there was a flood of tweets of users on the microblogging platform Twitter. In addition to Facebook, users also complained about the problems on Instagram. More than one-third of the world’s Facebook users were not able to access the service at all.