Amidst the high tensions between India and Pakistan over the Balakot Operation by the Indian Air Force, Pakistani media has resorted to spreading fake news for pushing their propoganda.

Earlier today Pakistan officials claimed to have shot down two Indian jets inside Pakistani airspace, one aircraft fell on Indian territory while the other fell on Pakistan’s territory. Pakistan also claimed to have captured one of the pilots.

After this story broke out, the Pakistani media started using old images of Indian aircraft crashes like the 2016 and 2018 crashes in Jodhpur and Odisha. (this one’s down now but here’s the screenshot with a funny translation by google translate)

Here is a fact check:

Here are some videos of the old incidents:

Here is an article from The Hindu about the Odisha crash:

We implore the Pakistani media to confirm any images and videos as current before showcasing them to push a narrative. We also ask anyone following the recent events closely to wait for official government confirmations of any news before spreading it.