Punjab cabinet minister and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has been questioning Balakot Air Strikes has once again attacked the government. Sidhu said that the country has 48 satellites but the government does not know where the trees are and where the structure is. Along with this he has asked whether the country is truly in safe hands.

Congress Leader Navjot Singh Sidhu Targets PM Modi again

Sidhu wrote on Twitter that the files of the world’s largest Defense Deal disappeared. Due to the negligence of the intelligence department, 40 soldiers had to be martyred. There were 1708 terrorist incidents in the country, we have 48 satellites but the government is not able to distinguish between trees and structures. This is a serious threat to national security. Congress leader shared screenshots of several media reports with this tweet.

Punjab cabinet minister Sidhu had earlier questioned the air strikes. “Were You Uprooting Trees Or Terrorists”, Sidhu wrote. Even after the Pulwama attack, there was a fierce controversy over Sidhu’s statement, due to which he had to leave the Kapil Sharma show.