The ICC World Cup 2019 clash between India and Pakistan is a hot debate, and India’s captain Virat Kohli finally issued a statement on this matter. Virat said that the incident of Pulwama Terror Attack is tragic. In this tragic hour, the team is fully in support with the country. His own and the whole team’s feelings and prayers are towards the families of martyrs killed in the attack.

The team will support whatever decision the government and the board takes on playing with Pakistan. 

The matches being played on 16th June has been under huge controversy throughout the cricket world. Before Virat, Sachin had said that if India does not play in the World Cup against Pakistan, the team might lose two crucial points. At the same time, Pakistan will get the benefit and it will get two points advantage. Gavaskar also sided with Sachin agreeing that if India does not play against Pakistan in the World Cup on June 16, then the team will be called losers.

Gambhir, on the other hand, is of the opinion that team India must respond to Pakistan on the pitch with their game. Earlier, Harbhajan Singh and Yuzvendra Chahal said that the team must boycott Pakistan completely.