Indian pace bowler Jaspreet Bumrah has improved drastically in a short span of time. His performance is remarkable in every format of cricket. There is a lot of variety in the deliveries that Bumrah, but he is pretty much known today for his deadly yorker. Especially in death overs, Bumrah is often seen restraining the batsmen using precise yorker and also getting wickets for the team.

The story behind this mysterious yorker and his improvement has finally been revealed by Bumrah himself. Bumrah said that he achieved this skill after a lot of hard work. According to him, he learned to deliver perfect yorker when he played with the tennis ball. The 25-year-old highly talented bowler revealed that he used to practise with the tennis ball throughout his childhood. He claimed that there is no difference when it comes to delivery between the tennis ball and the official Cricket ball. Bounce isn’t an important factor while delivering yorker and one should only focus on the length of the delivery. He mentioned, that at the beginning he used to only play for fun, but this practice has improved his yorker delivery a lot.

The Yorker delivery, Bumrah said, does not come naturally to him and he had to practice it a lot. The yorkers he bowls during the matches are simply the fruits of his labour. Now he simply looks at all the small things to correct my bowling. Now that Cricket is played in three different formats where bowling is very different from one another, it is necessary to work consistently in order to adjust to three formats and bowl according to them. Bumrah now returns to Team India in the home series against Australia, he was rested after the Test series against Australia.