Social Media Website Facebook is going to add Dark Mode feature to its messaging service app Facebook Messenger. In the developer conference held in May last year, Facebook spoke about the advantages of this feature. Although officially the company did not announce the release date of the feature. This dark mode setting has recently been spotted in some users’ smartphone. There is a easter egg to activate the dark mode right now.

To activate darkmode in Facebook messenger, you need to send a Moon Emoji to any user in your messenger contact list. As soon as you send the emoji, you will see ‘You found Dark Mode!’ popup appear. After this, you have to go to the profile option in Messenger and you will see the option of Dark Mode under your photo. However, as soon as this feature is enabled, a popup will appear which reads ‘we are still working on this feature’, which means that it is not the final design and subject to change.

To activate this feature in your device, follow these easy steps:

  1. First, you need to install the latest version of Facebook on your smartphone.
  2. After this, open your Facebook Messenger.
  3. After you open Messenger, you will have to send the Moon emoji to any friend on your contact.
  4. As soon as you send the emoji, you will see many moon emojis on your screen and a pop-up will appear which will read ‘You found Dark Mode!’
  5. Dark mode will appear in your Facebook Messenger as soon as you tap this pop-up.
  6. You can also toggle enable/disable by going to profile options.