In a partnership with Servify, Vodafone-Idea has just launched brand new plans that might interest you.

Both Vodafone RED iPhone Forever Plan and Idea Nirvana iPhone Forever Plan are sitting at Rs 649 in India.

The benefit of the plan is quite substantial as it will cover all costs for the repair of your iPhone. Additionally, if you want to upgrade to a newer iPhone, you will be able to do so at a significant discount.

They are definitely trying to retain iPhone customers due to fierce Android competition. And we all know that the end-user is the beneficiary of such competition.

However, if there is significant damage to your Apple iPhone, the Apple authorized service center will ask for a handling fee of Rs 2,000 + GST. Either for repair or replacement. Needless to say, the benefits are dependent on the age of your iPhone and the time of the registration to the service.

For your convenience, the new plan also offers a doorstep pickup and delivery service.

In order to activate this new Forever Plan you need to make two steps. First, simply call your Vodafone-Idea center and ask for the Rs 649 Forever Plan. After that step is done, download the iForever app from your online app store to register for the plan.

Be mindful though that any unauthorized tampering with your iPhone voids all the repair and replacement benefits. The same goes for the iPhone itself; it has to have been purchased from authorized resellers only.