Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s campaign continues to attack the opposition during the campaign. During this period, Prime Minister again talked about the Congress in a private news channel interview. In this interview, PM Modi responded to all the questions related to Lok Sabha Elections 2019, Rafale Fighter Jets, violation of Election Code of Conduct and ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar‘ campaign.

PM Modi said that the opposition should now prepare for 2024 because the people of the country have made up their mind for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said that if the people of the country gather and collect all the statements of the opposition, then they themselves will decide that the power of the country should never be given in the hands of these people.

Rahul Gandhi has announced that if he comes to power, 20 percent of the country’s poor people will be given Rs. 72, 000 annually. You can read TheMirk’s numbers crunched article on the scheme here. PM Modi said that you see the track records, their four generations have been claiming this. Nehru used to talk of poverty, Indira Gandhi used to talk of poverty, Rajiv Gandhi used to talk of poverty, Sonia Gandhi also talked about poverty. Now Rahul Gandhi is talking about poverty. They ruled the country for nearly 55 years, during this period, poverty has increased steadily.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described dynasty as a big threat to the country as well as to democracy. But there is a need to understand the true definition of dynasty. If a leader’s son wins the election on his own, then there is no problem in it. But where a party runs like a company, there is a problem.

On the allegations of the opposition on the Pulwama attack, PM Modi said that during the Pulwama attack, I was in Uttarakhand. At that time there was very heavy rainfall. I had a rally there, which I addressed with the phone. After the Pulwama, I believed that at such a time my action should be as per the hope of the country. Now a lot has happened and so I said that the army has an open allowance to act on my behalf. All we have to say to Pakistan is that we will negotiate unless concrete actions are taken against terrorism. We have no quarrel with the people of Pakistan, our fight is against terrorism.

On the efforts of the Opposition to form an alliance, PM Modi said, “At this time, the opposition is less united than the last time. States like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala are examples of this”. Thus the math of the Maha coalition will not work. He said that the absolute majority is enough to run the government. But a consensus is necessary for the country to run. The BJP is going to get a full majority and after this, we will serve the country with consensus.

Opposition accused PM Modi that he has 250 pairs of clothes. On this question he said 250 pairs of clothes is better than stealing 250 crores.