Wasim Khan is the new managing director for Pakistan Cricket Board and he has come up with a plan to make India play against them. He said that in order for Pakistan and India to play cricket series against each other, Pakistan would have to raise its level of cricket so that India would want to play against them. As of right now, he believes, Pakistan needs to move forward because we can not always wait to play against India.

“We keep on asking them to play us but let’s create a situation where they ask us to play. I think we need to do that. It’s sad that we are not playing against them but life continues. We need to move forward and carry on. We can’t wait forever to play India. Our focus is to develop Pakistan cricket and get our team and players a lot of success at the international level.”

He indicated that Pakistan is trying its best to restore its cricket relations with India and to start the cricket series between the two countries. Wasim Khan said that I think that when Pakistan becomes a top-level team then India would not refuse to play against us, but this is a big challenge currently.

He said that there are general elections going to be held in India and at the moment, the situation will not change. They, however, indicated that, PCB Chief Ehsan Mani is trying to resolve this matter by negotiating the matter.

There have been no bilateral series played between India and Pakistan since 2007. Although both play against each other in ICC and Asian Cricket Tournaments. In August last year, when Ehsan Mani became the PCB President, he indicated that the board requested BCCI to play them. Ehsan Mani also agreed to what Wasim Khan said about improving the Pakistan stature in cricket so that India want to play them willingly.

“I get a lot of messages from Indian journalists and public about their wish to play against Pakistan. Unfortunately, politics sneaks in which I don’t believe sports should ever be mixed up with. But it happens in our environment, especially in India it happens a lot.”

Pakistan’s poor domestic structure seems to be the core issue as indicated by their performance. Wasim has also been tasked with revamping of the Domestic Cricket scene in Pakistan. Wasim also indicated his focus to improve the Cricket at grassroots level in Pakistan.