Indian captain Virat Kohli has left the decision on his teammates of how many matches they will play in the T20 tournament. The IPL will begin on March 23 and immediately after its conclusion, the Indian team is going to England, where the World Cup will be played from May 30.

Playing in the IPL immediately before the World Cup, the workload on the Indian players is a matter of concern. However, Indian captain Virat Kohli has left the decision on his teammates to judge the games they will play.

Selection Committee chairman MSK Prasad has already said that the franchise has been cautioned regarding the burden of work on the players, but Kohli said that managing this workload is the job of the player.

“We have given the responsibility to the player, to be smart and inform the respective franchises and be in touch with the physio of the Indian team (Patrick Farhart). So all the things will be monitored during the IPL. Given a window where guys can afford to rest, they will take that opportunity, I can guarantee that”

Kohli’s Statement on the issue.

Kohli, however, said that this session was very busy for the Indian team but the team is full of confidence and the players are entitled to enjoy the IPL.

“World Cup comes every four years and we play IPL every year (not to say that we won’t be committed to playing the IPL) but we have to be smart and make smart decisions. That’s a factor that’s been discussed.”

Kohli added