Later this Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a surprising statement regarding the recent skirmish with Pakistan:

The country has felt the shortage of Rafale. Today, India is speaking in one voice and saying what all could have happened if we had Rafale. Ego politics over the Rafale deal has harmed the nation,

What could have happened indeed? Perhaps not a single pilot would have been downed and the air strike on the JeM terror camp might have been far more precise and devastating?

It’s hard to argue with such reasoning, considering that India lost a MiG-21, a plane that was introduced into military services across the world in 1959. That is over 60 years ago!

On the other hand, Dassault Rafale is less than 20 years old military design. Three times younger than the MiG-21.

So, why did India not get a hold of more modern and efficient warplanes, like the Dassault Rafale?

PM Modi lays the blame on the Congress party, which has a tendency to produce widespread corruption and nepotism:

“Why is it that those who ruled the nation for so many years have so many defence scams in their era? If a deal could not happen, defence modernisation could not happen. Who is every middle-man close to? The entire nation knows. And Lutyens Delhi surely knows.