PUBG Mobile has launched Prime and Prime Plus Subscription plans, in which players will be given benefits like Daily RP points and UC, Battle Points, Outfits. Both of these subscriptions will be applicable for both Android and iOS users. For the prime subscription of PUBG Mobile, Android users will have to pay Rs.85 every month, while Prime Plus subscribers will have to pay Rs.400 per month for one month. After the first month, Android users will have to pay Rs.850.

For the PUBG Mobile Prime subscription, iOS users will have to pay Rs.79 in the first month, while users will have to pay Rs 419 for Prime Plus subscription. After the first month, Prime Users will have to pay Rs.799 for Prime Plus.

Users receiving subscriptions will be given 20 UC per day and 600 UCs in the month as an offer. These UC users will be able to take advantage of many benefits like BP, 10 RP Points, and Daily discounts, Daily first classic crate lottery, Immediate Rewards (which will be 300 UCs).

PUBG Mobile has recently rolled out the beta update 0.12.0. With this new update, new features have been added to the game. Plus you will get a new mode Darkcast Night mode, with Companion you can win cosmic items. In addition, liquid nitrogen grenades, jumping zombies and zombie dogs will also be found. Apart from this, many more new features will be added to the game. For these features of this game, you will have to download the latest updates on an Android or iOS device. The latest 0.12.0 patch size for Android users is 1.8 GB.