Arun Shourie a petitioner for the Rafale case in a press address talked about how the judges unanimously decided that documents that were stolen can be considered in the court.

The attorney general claimed that the documents were stolen and they are privileged as they deal with security matter. Arun Shourie refuted this defence by saying that the document being stolen is not a valid argument. This comes a day before phase 1 of the general elections and will definitely hurt the Modi Government.

The centre had told the Supreme court that the documents filed by the petitioners are “sensitive to national security”, those who conspired in photocopying the papers have committed theft and put national security in jeopardy by leaking them out of the ministry of defence to the public. The court argued that the implementation of RTI has changed the notion of secrecy even if defence matters.

Certain media houses have the opinion that awareness about the Rafale deal is low among the electorate and even those who are aware do not think the Government is involved in a scam.

PM Modi has been accused by the opposition of being partial towards Anil Ambani. A key point Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s constant attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Rafale deal, a hastily altered 2015 arrangement to buy 36 French fighter jets for a price the Opposition claims is grossly inflated, is the involvement of Reliance. Mr. Gandhi has alleged that not only is India overpaying for the Rafale aircraft, it is doing so to benefit businessman Anil Ambani.

Calling it the “biggest ever” corruption scandal, Gandhi said that the terms of the Rafale deal – originally negotiated by the United Progressive Alliance – had been changed by Modi to benefit “his friend” Anil Ambani. “The fun part is that the contract was given to Ambaniji, who has never made an aeroplane in his life nor has he ever taken a contract for defence,” Gandhi said to a news agency.