Indo-Bangladesh border is still largely unfenced.

Pakistan’s border is not the only one that needs to be closely watched and fortified.

In fact, Bangladesh shares an immense 2,216.7 km border with West Bengal. Therefore, it can surely serve as a transit route for criminal and terrorist elements. And the time of crisis is a perfect opportunity for them to act.

Accordingly, Indian Border Security Force (BSF) issued an alert in order to heighten its level of preparedness for potential incursions from Bangladesh.

This is especially important since most of those 2,216.7 km are completely unfenced.

As senior BSF official stated to PTI:

“We have issued an alert in the Indo-Bangla border and have taken all preventive measures to ensure that miscreants or terror elements don’t cross over to this side of the border by taking advantage of the volatile situation in the western front,”

At the time of this report, the IAF pilot is still considered as “missing in action”, on top of claims from Islamabad that they have arrested two IAF pilots on their territory, following the bombing of a terror camp in Pakistan.