As you might have heard, this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona caused quite a divisive reaction from the public, with Samsung Galaxy Fold as the star of the show.

Fortunately, there were other innovations at the show besides the foldable design. The theme seems to be focused around equipping new smartphone lineups with multiple cameras in order to take the most demanding photos possible.

Nokia 9 Pureview

Nokia 9 Pureview is especially geared towards photography professionals with a system of six-module cameras, created with collaboration with the legendary Zeiss. The 6-camera system(+light) works as a single unit, composing disparate parts of the image into one glorious photographic fidelity.

The phone will launch in India soon, but the price is yet unknown.

Nubia Alpha

If you have played any of the Fallout games, you must be quite familiar with the concept of a wrist computer. Nubia Alpha is exactly that, a hybrid between a smartwatch and a smartphone, only smaller than the latter. Due to flexible OLED display tech, you can wrap Nubia Alpha around your wrist and enjoy hands-free smartphone experience.

Huawei Mate X

Like with Samsung Galaxy Fold, the key idea behind Huawei Mate X was to significantly increase the screen real-estate, effectively transforming a smartphone into a tablet. However, the difference here is that Huawei Mate X opted for the bendable design, instead of foldable. Such seemingly small difference has certainly took the spotlight off of Samsung’s competitor, and the expected price tag shows it – over $2600 USD when Huawei Mate X hits the stores!

Oppo 10x optical lossless zoom

The overwhelming majority of smartphones on today’s market have about 2x optical zoom, 3x max. The rest is digital zoom which quickly degrades the image, as software tries to stitch together the enhanced image.

Oppo aims to change that with its ground-breaking lens design, in which no loss of image quality can be observed. Keep in mind that 10x optical zoom is on the level of medium-sized binoculars. To make such compact endeavor possible, Oppo designed three cameras with a 16mm to 160mm range, which gets us the 10x optical zoom.