review of spiritualbeats

Today I will be reviewing the subliminal messages from SpiritualBeats.

What is it?

SpiritualBeats is a website that sells mp3s for subliminal messages as well as binaural beats. They have different modules that are each geared towards tacking different negative traits and improving certain aspects of your life.

This review will only focus on their 5 subliminal modules: Kingmaker, Boundless, Focus, De-Stress, and Tycoon. You can read about the different types of subliminal messages mp3s they have.

Each of their modules is tailored to deal with a particular problem, except Kingmaker, which seems to be an advanced module created as a combination of the other three.

The website also seems to offer a discounted bundled version that includes all their subliminal and binaural modules at $97.

What’s in the modules?

The modules are digitally downloadable mp3 files which are a huge deal, no waiting a few days to get the stuff you ordered. I could transfer it to any device easily as well as drop them into an empty CD to play them. 

The subliminal modules from SpiritualBeats contain 2 versions each around 50 minutes long on average. There was a listening guide provided as well which helped me immensely as it was my first time using subliminal messages mp3s.


  • Wide variety of subliminal mp3s to choose from all dealing with major life issues.
  • Discounted bundles.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • 2 different versions for headphone/earphone users and speaker users.
  • Setup and forget guide also included.
  • Live support on Facebook as well as Email support even on weekends!


  • Too many choices to choose from (I spent around an hour just reading their product descriptions and choosing).
  • Kingmaker is really “hard-hitting” for beginners.

What about the free ones on Youtube?

I have been listening to the ones on Youtube, but you can really tell the difference between them and the subliminals from SpiritualBeats. I did some more digging as to why the difference is so massive. 

Basically, subliminals on YouTube don’t work simply because subliminal is stripped through encoding. I was shocked after reading this Youtube developer explain the compression rates for Youtube audio.

Upper frequencies are completely missing!

Youtube can never deliver Subliminals in ultrasonic frequency which is the most effective. Also, 99% of Subliminals on youtube are masked with a binaural frequency which defeats the whole purpose of it being “subliminal”.

SpiritualBeats Review Conclusion

I really enjoyed the product. Have only been using it for 18 days, but already seeing some major behavioral changes. I am a major proponent for self-improvement and it doesn’t get any easier than subliminal affirmations from Spiritualbeats. Check out their website here:

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