There are many applications that have adopted the “dark mode” in recent months, and Whatsapp is another app that has followed the suit. The blog, which regularly writes about WhatsApp developments, reports that the WhatsApp developers have released new screens for the dark mode for WhatsApp.

Visuals of this feature have been published on Wabetainfo, giving a glimpse of what this will look like. The development of Dark mode is logical since Facebook recently released a dark mode on Messenger (we explained how to activate Facebook Messenger’s dark mode here).

This “Dark Mode” allows users to replace the traditionally white background of the application with a dark theme to relieve the eyes of the use, especially in low light situations. This mode also saves battery power (especially on OLED displays).

For the moment, the dark theme of Whatsapp is inaccessible, since it is still in development and testing phase. No release date has been confirmed yet.