Group chats at WhatsApp can be extremely annoying for a variety of reasons. The service now takes this into account with an update. Previously, this feature was only available to certain users.

Countless WhatsApp users have been longing for this development for years. As the blog “WABetaInfo”, which informs about Whatsapp service, reports, it should be possible in the future to decide independently into which group chats one would like to be invited. Right now any user can invite any contact to join any group – without having to wait for the user’s consent. As a result, WhatsApp users often ended up in chats, which they wanted to escape from as quickly as possible.

WhatsApp finally offers a solution to stop random group invites

WhatsApp had launched this change initially only in a beta version which should be over now with the new update. After the update, you have the option to select who can invite you to group chats. The new WhatsApp update offers three setting options. The three option is pretty straightforward:

  • Allow WhatsApp group invites from anyone.
  • Allow WhatsApp group invite only from people in your contact list.
  • Allow WhatsApp group invite from nobody.

After sending an invitation to join a group chat, the user has 72 hours to decide whether or not to join. Otherwise, the invite to join the group expires. Additionally, it is also possible to become part of the group via the invitation link. The decision about who can send an invite to join group can be restricted by Admins through “Settings – Account – Privacy – Groups”.

It remains to be seen, however, when this feature will be available in the regular versions for Android or iOs. For development reasons it will only be available in the beta version for the time being.