The popular Messenger WhatsApp will release new features in the latest updates. There are three updates that offer users new options which were highly requested.

A life without WhatsApp is now hardly conceivable for many Indian smartphone users. Now important changes in the messenger service could be published soon, an already leaked feature is that WhatsApp should soon get a so-called “dark mode”. Dark mode seems to be a highly requested feature among many app users, recently Facebook also announced the release of dark mode feature in their own messenger. The new feature is intended to reverse the colors within the app. Dark mode color theme will be predominantly of dark black with white writing. A change that is supposed to relieve the battery of smartphones and the eyes of the late night users.

For many users, however, another highly requested feature is the introduction of a new search function. While previously search function only works while looking for news and chat history, it should soon be possible to find even single pictures, videos and GIFs. Also new: a search preview will appear in the future, as well as the ability to delete the search history.

A third rumored feature which is upcoming with the next update is also one which is highly requested. It should soon be possible to reject group invitations via the app. Previously, users were automatically added by invitation to group. We have also written an article on how this upcoming feature will work.

The new WhatsApp update offers three setting options. The three option is pretty straightforward:

  • Allow WhatsApp group invites from anyone.
  • Allow WhatsApp group invite only from people in your contact list.
  • Allow WhatsApp group invite from nobody.