WhatsApp unveiled its new functionality to check the authenticity of information as it looks to tackle fake news ahead of general elections in India. Launched by ‘PROTO’, a media-skilling start up, the ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ will create a database of rumours which will help to study misinformation during elections.

Notifying the tipline on WhatsApp via the number +91-9643-000-888 will help curb fake news. The verification centre will help the user understand whether the information submitted was trustworthy or not.

News consultancy Dig Deeper Media, and San Francisco based Meedan, which builds digital tools for verification and fact checking and has worked on projects like Electionland in the US and CrossCheck in France, are helping PROTO in developing the verification and research frameworks for India.

Also, there is a new privacy function in WhatsApp whereby the user can decide who adds them to group. WhatsApp, on Wednesday, said that it will now allow its users to decide whether they want to get added to groups on the instant messaging platform. 
Before this update, the user’s consent was not necessary in order for them to be added to a new group. To choose who can add them to groups, users can go to ”settings” option in WhatsApp and pick one of three options available. “Nobody,” “My contacts,” or “Everyone.”

Selecting “Nobody” will require the user to give special consent to be added to a specific group.