Yogi Adithyanath has found himself in a controversy again for another brash and unacceptable statement when he said that the Muslim League is a “deadly virus” and that the Congress is infested with it.

Calling the Muslim league “a virus”, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a tweet said the Muslim League virus has yet again arrived and has divided the country. He also tweeted about green flags with the crescent and star that were waved in the rally of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Thursday in Kerala.

In an attack against Rahul Gandhi, the Yogi tweeted, “In Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi has asked his special ally Muslim League to not come with the green flags of their party in his rally, otherwise the UP voters will get angry. They formed a coalition with the Muslim league and call themselves secular. We work for everyone but are being labeled communal”. In an address at a rally he blamed the Muslim League for the partition.

During the broadcast of Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow on Thursday, several viewers claimed that they saw the flag of Pakistan being raised. However these flags were those of the Indian Union Muslim League. IUML is one of the six parties in the United Democratic Front alliance in Kerala, which includes the Congress party. It is recognized by the Election Commission of India as a State Party in Kerala.
The firebrand leader of BJP has been issued a notice by the EC for his remark about ‘Modiji ki sena’.